Ste. Anne’s Gate, Detroit
  • Description: The Ste. Anne’s Gate project consists of the redevelopment of 7.63 acres of land within the City of Detroit.  Burton-Katzman, and its homebuilding affiliate, Abbey Homes, acquired the site in conjunction with its non-profit partner, Bagley Housing, after being selected to develop the site through an RFP process by the City of Detroit.  Project plans call for 72 market-rate condominium units to be built by Abbey Homes and 6 single family homes to be built by Bagley Housing.  The project is under construction with approximately one-half of the planned units either occupied, sold or under construction.

  • Awards: "Partner of the Decade Award" presented to Burton-Katzman by Bagley Housing

  • Status:  Currently, 75% of the units have been constructed.

  • Location: The project is located at the corner of Lafayette and Sixteenth St., across the street from Ste. Anne’s Church in southwest Detroit.

  • Financing: Financing is being provided by

      • Bank One
      • LISC (Local Initiatives Support Coalition)
      • Detroit Renaissance
  • Owner:  Burton-Katzman/Abbey Homes and Bagley Housing

  • Reference Contact:
    Mr. Vince Murray
    Executive Director
    Bagley Housing Association
    2715 Bagley
    Detroit, MI 48216
    Tel:  313.964.5942

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