Robert M. Katzman

Robert M. Katzman brings over 40 years of real estate expertise to the Burton-Katzman organization and oversees the residential and new project divisions of Burton-Katzman. Robert is recognized and respected as a visionary expert in the field of residential, mixed use and master planned community developments. Beginning his career by building homes for his father’s business, Prudential Investment Company, Robert continued to grow the family legacy by learning all aspects of the construction and land development industry. A graduate of Michigan State University, he later became Chairman of the Board of Abbey Homes, which he founded in 1973. Gifted with a natural artistic talent which he brings to all his real estate development projects, Robert has created some of Michigan’s finest and most beautiful master planned communities. Robert’s trademark projects often include unique, trend-setting and artistic features, as well as incorporating significant natural elements, which underscore his commitment to preserving and enhancing the environment. In support of the community, Robert and his family’s foundation are major contributors to the Detroit Institute of the Arts, as well as many other nonprofit organizations.

Robert Katzman

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